Friday, June 23, 2006

Krispy Kreme!

Here is a chance to get something hot and sweet; at the same time helping us with our adoption fees:

Consider purchasing a Krispy Creme 10 punch card: this card offers you 1 dozen free glazed doughnuts with the purchase of 1 dozen. Depending how much the doughnuts cost in your area the savings are between $35-50!!
Or perhaps you like coffee? Try a 12oz. bag of Krispy Kreme signature coffee (ground or whole bean). Choose from Smooth, Rich, Bold, or Robust Decaf.
Each is only $10
Just email me: john "dot" vee "at" gmail "dot" com or use the donate button to pay (be sure to make a note of your order)

I will email you to confirm and to let you know when to expect your items.

Thank you!!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Woe with Finances

It's easy to get depressed when adding up the costs associated with rescuing an orphan. We're rattling our brains trying to come up with feasible funding raising techniques. So for one, we've added a link to our paypal account so you can help bring our child home. We're also looking into ways that you can donate tax-free. These, unfortunately, are easier said than done and also have fees associated with start-up and maintenance... usually a few hundred dollars up front and the lowest fees we've seen are 3% of everything we raise...uugh.

We'd welcome any suggestions you have as to how we can raise money to fund the adoption... If you're an adoptive parent... what are some things you did to raise money?. John's company will give a $3,000 donation, AFTER the adoption is complete. We have a list of grants that we can apply for AFTER we've complete the dossier. But realistically, we need to come up with $10,000 UP FRONT before we can move forward to complete our dossier.

God has conceived this plan in our hearts and we have faith that He will bring it to fruition. He's still going to have us working, praying, and listening to follow His voice through this whole process.

Here is a breakdown of the costs we're looking at:

Total Fees due to the agency for application, agency fee, and international fee: $9,500
Citizen and Immigration Service Fee $545
CIS Fingerprint fee $140
Home Study $1,500 (approx.)
Document Certification and Notarization $150 (approx.)
Mailing Fees (certified and overnight) $100 (approx.)
Relief Fee (paid to child's orphanage) $3,000
Travel Visa $150
Roundtrip Airfare (including in-country flight) $2,400 (approx.)
Immigrant Visa (paid to U.S. consulate in Guangzhou) $380
In-country medical check-up- required by American Embassy $50
Official Fees (paid when you register in the Province) $150
Notorial Fees (paid at your Notorial Interview in child's birth city) $600
Lodging and food for two adults and new child for approx. 14 days $1,400 (approx.)

These look like insurmountable numbers to me, but God can do anything. Blessings to you if He's calling you to help; thanks for being obedient to His call.