Saturday, September 08, 2007

Yes, Sam has been home for six weeks!!!

Yes, it's true, we've been home with our Sammy for six weeks now!! And yes, I am just now getting around to updating our blog! Boy, I forgot how busy it was to have a toddler around, getting into stuff and keeping me on my toes (and in the kitchen)!

It's been wonderful though. Sam is such a cutie pie and his smile lights up the room. He is also speaking a lot of English already!! We are so impressed with his language acquisition. Just last week we were all sitting around the dinner table when the phone rang. Sam yelled out "I'll get it!!" We all cracked up laughing. It was too cute.

He speaks mostly in short phrases and says things like "Sam pool", "some milka (milk)" and his favorite is "That's por (for) Sam". Sam is not used to having anything that is his own so he is very interested in what belongs exclusively to him. He is having a hard time sharing, thinking that he will not get to keep his things, but he is making progress.

We are working out all the medical issues and we are seeing a neurosurgeon next to figure out the next step in Sam's care. He is pooping on the potty but still not keeping a dry pull-up. We have hope that he'll be able to control it in time.

Oh, and Sam started pre-school this week...on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.!! Even though he is chronologically four years old, he is developmentally much younger so he is in the three-year-old class. The first day was rough at first, but he eventually came around. The second day Sam was very anxious about going to school but we talked a lot about Sam just staying at school for a little while and that Mommy would always come back. He was sad when I left the school but when I came back to get him he was grinning from ear to ear and said "Sam no crying!" I was so proud of him!!

I'm sorry it's taken so long for an update; I'll try to do better in the future!!