Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Born in Our Hearts

LOI !!!!

We're sending out our LOI (Letter of Intent) today to adopt this adorable little boy from China. Huahui will be four years old in March. He has severe scoliosis and will need surgery to correct it; but it is a very common surgery and will allow him to have a normal and happy life. We can't wait to get him home to hug and kiss him!!

"He (the Lord our God) insures that orphans and widows recieve justice" ~Deut. 10:18

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ladybugs on My Window

According to Chinese custom, Ladybugs are good luck! Yesterday I awoke to find a dozen or more ladybugs on the windows in our school room. Would good news come today? Yes!!!!!

I got an approval call from our agency while I was grocery shopping AND then I came to sit at my desk and found the pile of mail there. "The mail already came?!" It was earlier than usual. And much to my suprise and delight there was the envelope I had been waiting for!! Woo Hoo!! Now we're off to the CIS at the end of this month for our fingerprinting!!

Thank you Lord!!! All the Glory to God!!!