Monday, July 03, 2006

Actively Fundraising

This week we started 'beating the pavement' so to speak. We made a flier asking for donations of stuff for our yard sale/benefit that's later in July. We made an info. sheet about our family and what we were trying to do. We went to Staples and made LOTS of copies. We assembled fundraising packets to take around while we take orders for the Krispy Kreme Fundraiser Cards, and we walked the neighborhood putting fliers in peoples mailboxes while the kids tried to sell them doughnut cards.

Next week I'll begin taking orders for pretty photo bracelets and bookmarks that I'm making. And we'll be cleaning out and organzing the garage, getting ready for the fundraiser extravaganza, bake sale, doughnut sale, bracelet sale, etc. at the end of July. *whew* It's a lot, but we're so motivated while we wait and pray for Sam who's in a orphanage in China, waiting for his forever family to come get him.