Monday, June 11, 2007


OH HAPPY DAY!!! We received an email from our agency on June 6th saying that our Letter of Approval for Sam had arrived at their office!!! I read the email at least three times making sure I understand what I was reading and that it was not a dream! My heart was pounding, then I was screaming 'hooray hooray'. This brought the kids running and when I told them they were jumping up and down and shouting hooray as well!!

I went to meet John so he could sign the papers and we went right to the UPS store to send it back out over night. So the LOA is on it's way back to China and should be there while we speak!!

Our agency says that we should recieve our travel approval in 3-4 weeks from the time our LOA makes it back to China! This means travel in July!! Woo hoo!!!! We are so excited to get our little boy and bring him home at last!!!

The catch is that we still need to come up with at least $3,000. I'm praying hard for the airfare to come down. When I looked two weeks ago, flights were about $1,300. When I looked yesterday, they were $1,900. uugghhh. This means we'll need closer to $4,000.

God has brought us this far and He will provide the rest of the way, we are sure of that. Please pray that we would be able to raise the rest of the money needed to bring our little boy home!! We'll keep you posted!!!

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