Thursday, July 12, 2007

Up, Up, and Away........

We got our TA (Travel Approval) from China on June 26th!! Woo Hoo!!

We are leaving (today), June 12th for China! Our first stop is Beijing, then on Sunday we'll be on to Nanjing, Jiangsu. Then we head to Guangzhou to complete our adoption of Sammy!! While in Guangzhou, we will be staying at the Victory hotel. Guangzhou is the city where Americans converge at the U.S. Consulate to make their adoptions final. We're excited to get to go there and meet up with all our "friends" from around the country!

We'll try our best to keep this blog updated! If you want access to all of our photo albums, please send us a quick email and we'll add you to our list!

Love, K & J


M Morris said...

Hooray! You're on your way!!! We are praying for safe travel for you and for Sam's little heart! Thank you SO much for taking the backpack to (our) Sam! We are SO grateful to you!


Cindy said...

We cannot wait to meet Sam! We are praying that Sam falls immediately in love with you and knows that he is safe with you. We pray for good weather and healthy bodies. We heard your other children laughing in the pool this afternoon and had to stop and think what it will be like to hear a fourth child's voice from down the street.


Doug and Mary said...

So, are you there yet? Can you tell I'm anxious? lol

I can't wait to see pics of Sam in your arms!

Mary Morris